Hello!This is Sergey Kalinin speaking :-) Great you have found my personal website. The main language of this source is Russian, but I would try to explain what’s going on here.

It makes sense to describe briefly main areas of the content: my publications and articles; photo albums on my trips and activities; video portfolio with TV shoots and promo; the commercial proposals for corporate and private customers as well as for HoReCa market and my personal blog.

If you would ask me who I am, the answer is simple: my focus is media and event activities at restaurants&food&cooking market. As a columnist of Forbes.Ukraine I put all my efforts to explore modern gastronomy scene around the globe. One of the biggest chalenge nowadays is to shift restaurant culture in Ukraine on the new level and that’s why Forbes magazine is powerfull tool for.

But not only the publications worth to pay attention at. I’m thanksfull to Facebook, because it let me to build up the community of friends who share the passion about food and cooking. And then I’ve established one of the significant private cooking event in Ukraine, iCook Open, which is tasty, friendly and fun. The corporate version of this event already exists, giving the people the opportunity to cook, have fun and share the joy of party.

There is huge opportunity in restaurant market as well. As a gastronomy expert I’m trying to add a value for recognized establisments as well as for new players, but for those of them which have the same feeling about ideas, technology and future within restaurants’ framework.

But if you are the rookie in local enviroment and would like to be familiar with things around do not hesitate to discuss things & opinions. Food&cooking tours, investment opportunities, consulting&advisory or local networking? Just name it and we shall find a solution. And last but not least — we are speak the same language. And I’m talking not only about Englsh. Way of thinkin’ is also a subject of matters.

And to finalize all thoughts and ideas here I would like to remember President Obama’ speech and his magestic phrase «Yes we can». So, why not? Keep in touch and drop me a line.


Warm regards, Sergey.
Feb 2013, Kiev, Ukraine.